FP 04 - Beyond The Beatles Part 3 - Paul McCartney

In This Freshaphonica episode, I take a look at Paul McCartney’s projects outside the Beatles in the late 60s, including his work with Badfinger & Jimi Hendrix. I explore the stories behind his first 2 solo albums & the injustice of the poor critical reception they received…

FP 03 - Beyond The Beatles Part 2 - Ringo Starr

In this Freshaphonica episode, I look at the early solo career of Ringo Starr, which included some experimental movie roles, as well as a very underated early solo career which was arguably more successful than his former bandmates…

FP 02 - Beyond The Beatles Part 1 - George Harrison

In this Freshaphonica episode, I take a look at the story behind George Harrison’s first solo album, Wonderwall Music (1968). A soundtrack to British-made movie Wonderwall, George’s soundtrack became the first solo release by any Beatle. It’s an excellent mix of psychedelic pop & traditional Indian sounds!

Freshaphonica Episode 1 - Being Jimi Hendrix

In this Freshaphonica episode, I take a sympathetic look at Jimi Hendrix through interview clips, music and analysis. 2012 marks the 70th anniversary of his birth and this documentary celebrates the life and career of a talent that was cut devastatingly short in 1970.