Ben - Freshaphonica

Ben Clarke or ‘Me’ as I often call myself

Freshaphonica is a podcast that aims to provide some thought-provoking entertainment in the form of an audio documentary. Subjects covered are generally from the entertainment industry, whether that be the life of a musician, a controversial publication or mishaps on a film set. Any enjoyable chapter from entertainment history is fair game and will be presented in a documentary style in the podcast.

I want Freshaphonica to be listened to during those frequent periods of downtime we all experience in everyday life. Listen on your commute to work or when the friend you’re meeting has texted you to say they’re running late. Take the boredom out of the treadmill at the gym, zone out from the kids (or parents!), use it to procrastinate when you should be doing work….whatever! I just hope you’ll find the time to listen and enjoy. If it provokes discussion, then even better. Please leave a comment here on the site, on Facebook or on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve always been a fan of the documentary format (though the argument as to what exactly constitutes ‘a documentary’ is ongoing) and I enjoy the creative process researching and putting a show like this together. I’m currently based in the Philippines, but having grown up in the UK I have been heavily influenced by factual TV and radio programmes produced by the BBC. My goal is to produce entertaining, fact-based audio documentaries that would not seem out of place on BBC Radio 4. Balanced, honest and well-produced are key components for me and I hope that comes across in my episodes. I’ll try and sling a bit of humour in too, subject matter (and my comedic abilities) permitting.

Just for the record, other influences include French New Wave movies (e.g. Truffaut, Godard), 1940s narration cartoons (Chuck Jones, Tex Avery), political propaganda (WWII Allied & Axis), film essays (e.g. F For Fake) and mockumentaries (This Is Spinal Tap). I also love the creative and imaginative outlet that podcasting provides and I listen to a variety, with WNYC’s innovative Radiolab being a particular favourite. Podcasting can effectively be done by anyone and the chance to connect with like-minded people anywhere in the world in a way that previous generations could not, is an unbelievably huge pleasure and motivation!

So that’s a bit about what to expect from Freshaphonica and how I’m approaching it. From time to time I’ll also write articles on things that don’t fit into the podcast. Maybe I’ll even try and get some interesting guest writers on here too as this site develops.

Thanks for reading & listening. Enjoy!

Ben Clarke
Freshaphonica Founder (can you be a ‘founder’ of a podcast?)